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How to Brighten Your Smile in the Safest Way Possible?

26 September 2022by Shiv

A beautiful smile makes it easier to face the world, and excellent dental care, including teeth whitening, may improve your self-confidence and, therefore, how other people see you. The teeth whitening process has a certain risk, just like any medical operation. For this reason, discovering the safest methods for getting a brighter smile is crucial.


According to our Conway House Dental Practice professionals, there are specific crucial guidelines to follow and dangerous traps to avoid if you’re considering getting your teeth whitened.

1- Having your teeth brightened by a trained specialist


Your dental staff truly isn’t a more significant source of knowledge about teeth whitening than you. In addition to being properly certified and authorized to carry out the procedure, they will also be able to consider your dental demands. Not only will having your teeth whitened by your dentist be more effective, but it will also be safer.

Before beginning the procedure, your dentist will evaluate you to ensure that your mouth is in good health. They will also detect any disease traces. 


The Conway House will serve as the safest setting for all of this. We are subject to intense and thorough cleanliness, ventilation, sterility, and hygiene standards. When you go to a dentist’s office, you can be sure that your smile is in good hands.


The brilliance of one’s teeth might fade for a variety of reasons. The dentists at Conway House will inspect your teeth and provide a detailed report on their findings, including the cause of any discolouration, the possibility that any existing restorations may not lighten, and specific suggestions for a tooth-whitening routine. 


We can oversee two types of teeth whitening procedures:

  • Where you use custom-fitted trays to brighten your teeth at home and when you visit our clinic.
  • Where we may administer more vital bleaching solutions.
  • Some of which are triggered by light.

Experts agree that in-office whitening at greater concentrations produces quicker results, but the final tooth color is unaffected.


2- Avoiding internet discounts and less expensive procedures


On websites and social media, teeth whitening products and at-home remedies are often offered. Since many of these items are imported, verifying the product’s safety or ingredients is challenging. Your ability to grin may be in jeopardy.

You cannot be sure that internet businesses and goods are regulated and up to the highest standards since it is more difficult to control them. 


Checking with your dentist is the best approach to determine if teeth whitening solutions are secure.

You could be bombarded with special offers from businesses offering teeth whitening treatments and being exposed to potentially harmful items online.


Remember that teeth whitening is only permitted when performed by a licensed dental expert, such as a dentist, dental hygienist, or dental therapist. Additionally, we do not advise taking a tooth-whitening trip abroad. You can be confident that you’re receiving high-quality treatment and that your dentist in Conway House abides by the law if you choose to brighten your teeth. It is not worth risking your health to save a few dollars when teeth whitening goes wrong since the harm it causes might be long-lasting or irreversible.


3- Over-the-counter whitening treatments are an excellent substitute.


After speaking with your dentist, you may get your teeth brighter with over-the-counter treatments like whitening strips from your neighborhood grocery store. People should follow the manufacturer’s directions since they come in various concentrations. Our experts agree that the strips may be helpful but caution against taking them often. 


According to studies, teeth whitening products may cause a decrease in the hardness of teeth. According to research, teeth whitening may result in minor surface alterations to current restorations, although further research is required to assess the modifications. We advise adhering to the manufacturer’s recommended frequency.


4- Beware of DIY treatments.


Online resources for DIY tooth whitening are abundant, according to experts. Some of those methods don’t use chemicals. Still, recent research indicates that natural components, such as strawberries, coconut oil, and charcoal, may only be able to remove surface stains without altering the color of teeth.


5- Avoid meals and beverages with a lot of colors.


You can keep your teeth looking gorgeously bright. We are sorry, coffee drinkers, but caffeine is one of the worst things for discoloured teeth. It’s advisable to avoid beverages like coffee, soda, or sports drinks with a lot of colors right after teeth whitening. Additionally, foods like oranges and strawberries that are pretty acidic should be avoided after tooth whitening. Dentists claim that it takes time for saliva to produce a natural protective coating around tooth surfaces following teeth whitening.

6- If you have sensitive teeth, see a dentist.


According to experts, those with sensitive teeth may be able to get their teeth whitened. The most crucial step is first to see a dental expert. Conway House dentists will start a de-sensitivity protocol, which includes coating the teeth with fluoride or potassium nitrate for two weeks before bleaching.


7- As a maintenance measure, use mouthwash and toothpaste that whitens teeth.


People who have just whitened their teeth are urged to maintain good oral hygiene by using over-the-counter toothpaste and mouthwashes. According to our experts, they may be used as regular maintenance to eliminate stains. Whatever method you choose to whiten your teeth, over-the-counter bleaching strips or a trip to the dentist—whitening toothpaste and mouthwash are safe and highly recommended by your dentist.


8- Touch-Ups


Although it will gradually take either method—using over-the-counter teeth whitening solutions or seeing a dentist—usually endure for up to three years. Although discolouration may gradually reappear, it won’t be the same color as before therapy, according to an expert. She advises touch-ups to keep those dazzling teeth intact if you observe a relapse.


9- maintaining your smile


Your teeth can remain white and clean with proper daily oral hygiene practice. Regular interdental cleanings and twice-daily brushing with the toothpaste your dentist recommends may help keep your teeth in natural shade. Additionally, it may prolong the results of a tooth-whitening procedure.

It’s also crucial to know that you may not necessarily need to aggressively whiten your teeth but rather reduce the items that cause stains or discolouration. The whiteness of your smile may be diminished by certain meals, beverages, and even smoking. These include red wine, tea, and coffee. By lowering these, you will find it simpler to maintain the natural color of your teeth without treatment.


10- Adverse Effects


The two main side effects of teeth whitening are gum discomfort and tooth sensitivity. Although tooth sensitivity brought on by teeth whitening is often linked to a cold, it may sometimes occur unexpectedly, a “zinger” of agony that impacts one or a few teeth. Gum irritation generally goes away quickly and is just temporary after teeth whitening. Consult your dentist if irritation or pain persists.


You seek the advice of a dental professionally who can choose the best course of action to prevent damaging effects on teeth and gums. Remember that every person’s teeth react differently. According to a specialist, tooth whitening makes your teeth whiter and inspires you to take better care of them, which will enhance your oral health in general.




You can schedule your teeth for medical treatment. We highly advise you only to utilize reputable, licensed items used with dental specialists’ advice. To get a whiter smile, buying goods online and administering them yourself puts your teeth and gums in danger. You can depend on Conway House Dental Practice and schedule an appointment there to learn more about your choices for the best care of your teeth. Visit for more.

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