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Fluoride – Myths and Facts

1 October 2022by Shiv

Describe fluoride  

By strengthening your enamel, the mineral fluoride contributes to preventing tooth decay. It is often added to public water systems and is included in a broad range of dental products. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions about its use, especially when it comes to the water supply. 


Due to the widespread use of the Internet for information gathering and dissemination, it is simple to locate inaccurate and often unsettling information about fluoride. Even if a lot of this information is untrue, it has raised questions about the efficiency and safety of fluoride usage. For their dental health, individuals must educate themselves, so the Conway dental house distinguishes between fiction and reality.


Here are some myths and facts about fluoride.


Myth 1- Fluorosis may be contracted by drinking water that has been fluoridated.

Fact- Fluoride overdose may cause white dots to appear randomly all over the teeth. The danger of tooth decay is quite significant, although the chance of dental fluorosis is extremely low. Use the required quantity of fluoride toothpaste or mouthwash, as advised by your dentist, to lower your risk of dental fluorosis.


 When a person consumes excessive amounts of fluoride, fluorosis develops. In the UK, there is relatively little risk of fluorosis associated with the quantity of fluoride added to drinking water. Although there have been a few unusual occurrences in the UK, they have generally been relatively mild. But fluoride therapy in High Wycombe, available at Conway dental House Clinic, can be helpful for your teeth.

Myth 2- Fluoride poses a risk to young children.

Fact- When appropriately applied to water, fluoride is not considered harmful to children. Consuming water that has been fluoridated not only helps to strengthen teeth when children are developing them but also helps to avoid cavities and tooth loss in the future. Because fluoride helps build enamel, your child’s teeth will be less likely to suffer from cavities when they grow older.

Fluoride is essential for children’s and babies’ developing teeth. Even before the teeth are entirely developed and visible in the mouth, fluoridated water has advantages.

It is safe and effective to use fluoridated water to prevent and treat cavities.

Fluoridated water helps children’s developing teeth become stronger and more resistant to decay throughout their lives. Fluoride dental treatment for children is available at Conway House Dental Practice at High Wycombe.


Myth 3- Fluoridating water is quite costly for localities to do.

Fact- The least costly option to guarantee cavity prevention for everyone living in the same neighbourhood is via fluoridation. One of the more affordable methods of preventing tooth decay is fluoridating the water. Treatment and fluoride therapy in High Wycombe is not very expensive, but they have a very beneficial impact. 


People living in a neighbourhood that ceases fluoridating or never begins this procedure will discover that they will pay more for decay-related dental issues. Evidence suggests that, for most localities, every $1 spent on fluoridation saves between $38 and $45 in unneeded treatment expenditures.


Myth 4- Communities are required to take fluoride as medicine.

Fact- The mineral fluoride is not a medication. Fluoride is a mineral that, at the correct concentration, has two positive impacts on human health: it prevents tooth decay and strengthens bones. There are several instances of how commonplace things are supported to improve UK health. Salt is supplemented with iodine, bread and cereals with folic acid, and milk with vitamin D. 


Myth 5- We don’t need fluoride in our drinking water since we can already obtain it through toothpaste.

Fact- The advantages of fluoridating water add to those of fluoride toothpaste. Studies done in the years after fluoride toothpaste was widely used have shown a lower incidence of tooth decay in areas with fluoridated water than in those without fluoridated water. Children who live in non-fluoridated regions often get prescriptions for fluoride tablets from their physicians and dentists since fluoride toothpaste alone is inadequate.


Myth 6- Fluoridated water causes cancer when consumed.

Fact- According to several studies and research, Fluoride addition does not raise the risk of cancer or other significant health issues, including diabetes, heart disease, or renal difficulties. According to much scientific research done over the last 60 years, fluoride is not associated with cancer, heart disease, renal issues, or other health issues.


Myth 7- Fluoride consumption raises the likelihood of developing autism.

Fact- No evidence from any research or study demonstrates that the incidence of autism is increased due to fluoride or water that has been fluoridated.


Myth 8- Fluoride is unhealthy.

Fact- It is now well accepted that fluoride is an essential ingredient for maintaining strong and healthy teeth. Fluoride is a mineral, and studies have shown that consuming water that has enough fluoride may help strengthen teeth. Fluoride is not a pharmaceutical substance. Fluoride is only one example of an ordinary commodity that has been fortified to promote our health; other examples include adding iodine to salt, folic acid to bread and cereals, and vitamin D to milk. These are just a few of the many instances. Sometimes Fluoride dental treatment while pregnancy is also safe if your dentist recommends it.


Myth 9- It causes Tooth Decay.

Fact- There has been a lot of research done in both the United States and Europe that suggests fluoridation helps minimise tooth decay in both children and adults. These studies came from both continents. The advantages of using fluoride in toothpaste are enhanced by the use of fluoride in drinking water. Studies carried out in towns that fluoridate their water supply in the years after fluoride toothpaste was widely available revealed a decreased incidence of tooth decay compared to areas that did not fluoridate their water supply.


Myth 10- Fluoridation of drinking water is prohibited in Europe; hence, this practice should not be used in the United Kingdom.

Fact- Many European nations have implemented fluoridation systems for their public water supplies. Fluoridation of salt is the process that is most often employed in Europe and Latin America.




Nowadays, the Internet has such a large amount of information that it may be challenging to differentiate between reality and fiction. Thankfully, fluoride dental products and water that have been fluoridated are both safe and effective in several research investigations. Talk to your dentist if you are worried about your oral health and are interested in finding out more about fluoride, a dental fluoride treatment in High Wycombe would surely help. Conway House dentists are more than willing to address any concerns or queries you may have.


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