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Children’s Dentistry in High Wycombe

Dental decay and infection is the most common reason for hospitalisation in preschool and primary school children in the UK. It is important to note that it is almost entirely preventable.

You cannot deal with a child as a miniature adult; they have physiological differences from adults and require special care from a dentist.

A kid’s teeth are more delicate as compared to those of adults and also structurally different. Dentistry for kids is, therefore, an essential part of dental care for your kids.

Children should see the dentist even before they start having teeth so they can get used to the environment, and it becomes a normal part of their life!

Regular comprehensive examinations at the dentist are an essential part of a child’s wellbeing. Also, the earlier we can start giving you tips to optimise your child’s oral health, the better.

Preventative Treatments

It is important to prevent disease in both primary (baby) and secondary (permanent) teeth in children. Methods include a good oral hygiene routine (empowering parents to help until the child can tie their own shoelaces) and a tooth-friendly diet. Refined sugars, particularly when consumed frequently, increase the risk of decay. At Conway House Dental Practice, we can help make sure the preventative methods are on track and also apply protective fluoride varnish to your child’s teeth and long-term protective coatings (fissure sealants) for extra defence against decay. It would also be useful to organise a visit with one of our lovely hygienists to arm your child with the tools to look after their teeth for life.

For children who play contact sports, sports guards are vital to protect their teeth!


If unfortunately, there is a need for treatment, we can provide this in-house, using a selection of techniques to build the child’s confidence, such as positive reinforcement and a ‘tell, show, do’ approach. We will apply numbing cream and local anaesthetic if necessary.

When needed, we can organise inhalation sedation or general anaesthetic to aid treatment, but we try to keep interventions as minimally invasive as possible.

Children Orthodontics

We provide tooth straightening treatments for children, to make them look and feel their best, ready for adulthood. If needed, we can carry out early interceptive orthodontics, meaning treatment earlier than usual, to reduce the need for more complicated care once they have all their adult teeth.

Our specialist Orthodontist. Dr. Steffen Decker will look after your children with regard to these treatments.

Emergency Care

Toothaches with swelling or physical trauma to the teeth and/or face are considered dental emergencies. It is important that your child is seen as soon as possible to reduce the risk of untoward outcomes. It is in their best interest to organise an appointment immediately on 01494526578.

For out of hours emergency, please call 07957393008, and you will be directed to Dr. Basra’s emergency out of hour mobile number.

Dealing With Apprehensive Children

Most of the children are anxious about visiting a dentist as the drilling sounds and equipment may aggravate their fear. They may hear stories of their peers’ experience, and this might frighten them. But we, at Conway House, do our best to make your child comfortable and provide them with a friendly environment.

Our dentists are very good at keeping children engaged during their dental visits, and in most cases, the children are excited about their next visit!

Some Tips

Here are some tips to help you look after your child’s mouth. Please note that this is not specific advice, taking your child’s age and risk factors into account.

  • Brush the teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste suitable for their age
  • Spit not rinse
  • Rinse with water after every meal
  • Avoid frequent use of refined sugars, i.e., chocolates, candy, and ice creams. Opt for tooth-friendly snacks like crackers and cheese or fresh fruit.
  • Flossing with the guidance of the parent
  • Stop them from putting hard objects in their mouths

If you’re looking for ‘Paediatric dentist near me?’ then Visit Conway House in High Wycombe. A dental practice with trained and efficient children’s dentists as well as those for adults. We provide you with a comfortable and friendly environment that will make your child’s fear of visiting a dentist into a playful fun activity. We love to make friends with your kids and treat them without frightening them with the medical equipment.

If you would like your child to receive the best possible dental care, book an appointment with our dentist at Conway House. With us, your kid is in safe hands.

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