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10 reasons to see a dentist routinely

29 July 2022by Shiv

Oral health is inseparable from our overall health. Many people are too stuck up in their lives, they simply can’t take out time to go for an oral checkup. Others are apprehensive about visiting a dentist, and this results in undiagnosed hidden oral issues which keep on accumulating over time and lead to severe complications. It is, therefore, imperative to take out time from the hustle and bustle of your life and visit a dentist for a routine checkup.

Visiting a dentist routinely will bring about a holistic enhancement in your personality, and your smile will stay healthy and intact for long.

Here are the top 10 reasons why should dental appointments be a part of you to-do-list


  • Remove plaque and tartar

You must be wondering why your teeth look stained even after regular brushing and flossing? Well, this is because of the plaque and tartar that gets deposited in the crevices of your teeth over time. No matter how adequately you brush, plaque will eventually set in especially on the backside of your teeth where a toothbrush has restricted reach. Plaque around your teeth is not just cosmetically unpleasing; it also acts as a substrate over which bacterial growth can occur, leading to tooth decay. During a routine oral checkup, your dentist will thoroughly remove any such unhealthy depositions.


  • Maintain good gum health and prevent gum diseases

When you brush your teeth, your entire attention is focussed on cleaning up your teeth thoroughly. In this, your gums are often left unattended. Periodontal or gum diseases make a significant chunk of people who face dental problems, and therefore, gum health is indispensable. Plaque and tartar can also encroach gums and cause periodontal disease. If your gums are infected, there is a high risk of spread of infection to the adjacent tissues and even the bone. So, a dentist will help you prevent such conditions by taking the necessary steps on time.


  • Detect potential problems by radiology

Naked eyes cannot see some potential dental problems. It is essential to look into them with the help of radiological investigations such as an X-ray. There are some congenital problems in the anatomy of teeth, but they are not evident up to a certain age. If you routinely visit a dentist, any such complication would be handled before they cause any trouble. An impacted wisdom tooth, for example, would not be visible grossly, but an X-ray will demonstrate the exact location as well as the extent of the impacted tooth.


  • Screening for oral cancers

Oral cancers are often associated with pre-malignant conditions which cannot be identified by normal individuals. You can significantly reduce the risk of development of oral cancer if you start prophylactic treatment in case of the potential danger of cancer. Your dentist will thoroughly assess your mouth and look for any abnormalities such as grittiness, patches, lumps, or bumps in the oral mucosa, tongue, or gums. These are the most common and earliest signs. If any abnormality is detected, your dentist will suggest you for a follow-up and plan the further line of management in association with an oncologist. Mouth cancer screening is even more important for people who are at high risk, such as smokers.


  • Keep a bright smile

Apart from the routine removal of plaque and tartar, your dentist may also whiten your teeth in a short office-based procedure as per your requirements. If you have an important event coming up and want your smile to be the centre of attention, your dentist appointment will significantly help in doing so. However, if you visit your dentist frequently, your smile will be brighter and healthier naturally. As you all know, a charming smile is a boost to your personality, and regular dental appointments will be crucial to maintain an excellent overall personality. 


  • Motivate and encourage your children


When it comes to taking your child to a dentist appointment, it is the most cumbersome task at hand. If you go for dental appointments and tell your child about the benefits of it, your child will be less apprehensive about it. Moreover, inculcating the habit of dental checkups in your child from a tender age will help him have strong and healthy teeth., There are specialised areas in a dental clinic for children to make them comfortable and friendly. A paediatric dentist is specialised to handle small children and small equipment used. So, you could make it a playtime activity for your kid. The fun part is, a paediatric dentist also gives away toys and rewards to children after each routine dental visit.


  • Follow up treatment

If you require any dental procedure, you can get an easy appointment with the dentist because he will know your issue and it will be easy for him to handle that. Further, sometimes you require a follow-up appointment for your condition. If you have a routine for dental visits, it will be reasonably easy for you to follow up with that. This monitoring will allow the effectiveness of the procedure to last longer. Even if any late complication is expected to occur, it can be prevented by routine care.


  • Maintain a good overall health

Studies have shown the direct link between oral health and your overall health. Afterall your mouth is the entry point inside your body. Therefore, it is essential to give priority to your oral health; otherwise, it will have harsh consequences on our body. It is known that gum health has an association with your cardiovascular health. So, by keeping your gums healthy, you can prevent some serious cardiovascular problems to some extent.


  • Help with snoring

A dentist is well-versed with the anatomy and physiology of all the structures in the vicinity of your mouth and can help you with problems you may not be aware of in which a dentist can help. You may not be knowing that a dentist can help you with snoring and sleep apnea. But with a thorough examination, your dentist may detect the abnormal anatomy of your mouth or the air passage, which gives a lead to your sleep apnea problem. Your annoying snores can be cured by using sore guards which is the role of a dentist. 


  • Utilise your dental insurance

If you have dental insurance, there can be nothing more waste as to wait for a dental problem to occur to seek the benefits of it. Most dental insurances will get your routine dental checkups covered at least once or twice a year. Be sure to utilise it optimally. If you don’t get your dental checkups done, all of it would be wasted, and the money you put into it would be of no fair use.


It is important to choose your dentist wisely. When it comes to your teeth and smile, you must not settle for anything less than the best. Conway House Dental Practice in High Wycombe provides the best dental services in town. Your routine dental checkups will be most beneficial to you if you get it done by the experts and specialists. At Conway House, we are a team of the best dentists each specialised in different fields of dentistry. All your dental issues can be cared for under one roof with Conway House. So, book an appointment today and give your teeth the care they deserve.

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