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A smile is an extremely potent tool to enhance your personality and make you the charming centre of attraction amidst a group of people, but dental anomalies can restrict you from being so.

Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic treatment, is a commonly performed dental procedure that comes into play when the pulp of your tooth becomes infected by the invasion of microbes due to tooth decay. It aims to get rid of your root canal infection and decay and also protect it from any further damage or infection in the future.

Another contributor to the damage of tooth pulp is trauma to the mouth.

You may wonder what’s a root canal or a tooth pulp in the first place?

A root canal is an anatomic space within the root of your tooth.The tooth pulp is a term that involves root canals and their associated pulp chambers, which are inhabited by nerves, vessels, and other cellular entities.

Any infection can spread extensively in the root canal, leading to abscess formation, which will cause great discomfort and pain to the patient. Hence, the early diagnosis of infection and its removal root canal treatment should be done.

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