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Integrating facial aesthetics treatment with Dentistry

29 July 2022by Shiv

The popularity of facial aesthetics treatments has gained significant height in recent years. With people becoming increasingly concerned about their maquillage and skincare, facial aesthetics is a saviour for all their skin-related troubles. Facial aesthetics encompass a wide range of treatments from anti-wrinkle treatments, to dermal fillers and skinboosters. They deliver a substantial boost to your skin health and alleviates all symptoms and signs of ageing. Healthy, glowing and rejuvenated skin is the rationale behind facial aesthetics. 


Can dentists provide facial aesthetics treatment?

Recent advancement in dentistry is that several professional dentists have expanded their domain of work to include facial aesthetics under dental practice. 

There is a well-established reason behind this new step. Dentists are well versed with the anatomy of oral-facial structures. Their primary focus is on the structures surrounding the teeth, which include face and facial muscles. This makes them the perfect candidates to be eligible for performing facial aesthetics treatments.

Although, you can not rely on every dentist for facial aesthetics as many have not yet included them under practice, or have ambiguous views regarding the inclusion of facial aesthetics in dentistry. Apart from this, when it comes to your skin, you must stay assured of quality and expertise. Conway House in High Wycombe is a trustworthy dental practice that has all your facial aesthetics treatments covered by professionals.


What are the treatments provided under facial aesthetics? 

The primary treatment modalities that are covered under facial aesthetics include:

  • Anti-wrinkle treatment: People abhor fine lines and wrinkles because they indicate the ageing process. As you grow older, your muscles become strained, and the overlying skin starts appearing wrinkled. Anti-wrinkle injections consist of a chemical called Botulinum toxin Type A, commonly referred to by its brand name ‘Botox.’ This facial rejuvenation process can give your skin a youthful look without any complex surgical procedures. This toxin is injected in the affected areas of your face, mostly glabellar frown lines, around the eyes, and the forehead. It blocks the neuromuscular junction and relaxes your facial muscles. This gives your skin a smooth and even appearance. The treatment is not permanent, and the results last for 3-6 months.

Anti-wrinkle treatment, however,  is contraindicated in pregnant and breastfeeding females, or if you have a neuromuscular disease such as Myasthenia Gravis.

  • Dermal fillers: As you age, your skin starts losing its elasticity, glow and moisture. It looks less plump, hydrated. Cheeks look flat, and eyes look hollow. Even your lips can droop due to loss of their volume. These manifestations occur as a result of the breakdown of structural components of your skin and its natural moisturiser, which is called hyaluronic acid. Not just due to ageing, even if you abruptly lose significant weight, your skin becomes saggy. All these problems can be resolved with the help of dermal fillers which use hyaluronic acid injections to volumise and smoothen your skin. These are injected under your skin with the help of micro injections. The results are seen instantaneously but tend to improve even further after 2 weeks. The results last for 6-12 months after which follow up treatment is required.

Lips, cheeks, jawline, buttocks, and tear troughs are some of the main areas of treatment.

  • Restylane skin boosters: A perfect skin is the one that radiates internal glow. Restylane skin boosters are injectable moisturisers that are injected under your skin to provide deep hydration. They don’t affect the shape and structure of your facial muscles; they just make your skin healthy and glowing from within. They also make your skin firm and improve its elasticity, giving it a rejuvenated look. The results are not instantaneous; they take about a month to appear. Your skin starts feeling healthier, especially after the second treatment. The results may last for as long as 12 months, after which you will require a follow-up treatment.

Face, neck, hands, dècolletage, and acne scars are the main areas treated by skinboosters. 

  • Skin peel treatment: When it comes to healthy skin, better complexion and smooth texture are dreamed of. Skin peel treatment is based on a skincare system called the Priori® forte skincare system. It thoroughly exfoliates your skin and boosts it to produce natural collagen. This enables your skin to become healthy without the use of external agents. The peels are based on lactic acid, which is entirely safe and prevents premature ageing. It takes a bit longer to show its effects. A course of 6 treatments is performed for best results. You require regular follow up with your dentist who will keep a track on your progress. Other skincare products used are Facial cleanser to exfoliate and cleanse your skin, facial lotion to decrease fine lines and soften your skin, facial cream to improve skin tone, and skin perfection lotion.


Facial aesthetics are safe and approved treatment procedures. They augment your natural beauty and give you healthy skin. Dr Nina Kelman, the aesthetic practitioner at Conway House Dental Practice is highly proficient in providing facial aesthetic treatments.

Flawless and glowing skin is, therefore, just a call away. Contact Conway House Dental practice at 01494526578 for any further assistance.

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