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How to choose the most suitable braces?

29 July 2022by Shiv

What are the best type of braces to get? Misaligned or crooked teeth are cosmetic impediments to a beautiful and charming smile. They may even restrict the functions of your mouth and cause trouble while speaking and eating. Restoration of misaligned teeth is also a challenging task. All these annoyances compel you to get your teeth straightened and renovate your smile to a perfect one. 

Now when it comes to aligning your deviated teeth, a full set of metallic braces peeping from the mouth when you speak is the imaginary picture that comes to your mind and it may often urge you to avoid using braces, especially as an adult.

But with advancing technology and creativity, new methods are evolving, which allow natural and almost invisible correction of your misaligned teeth and all the issues related to them. Clear braces, ceramic brackets, Invisalign braces, lingual braces, veneers being the most commonly used options.

With such a plethora of options, the question of “which braces are the best” is inevitable to come up in your mind.


Best is always a relative term, and there is no absolute best option for everyone, it varies from person to person. The condition of your teeth and other oral structures are the determinants of the best option for you. 


What key points are to be kept in mind while choosing the best braces?

Choosing the right braces for yourself can be a tough task. Here are the primary things that should be considered first on your part.

  1. Cost: It should not be the major and only criterion for choosing the best braces. However, it should be kept in mind because financial constraints can restrict you from selecting the best option.
  2. Visibility: This is a personal preference as some people may feel reluctant towards metallic braces while others may have no such concerns. Children have no such selective preferences regarding visibility of braces. They may be concerned with the best braces colour.
  3. Versatility: It refers to the range of problems and the extent of misalignment that can be treated with a particular variety of braces. Metallic braces are considered to be moderately versatile but highly durable. They cannot be used for severe misalignments. On the other hand, ceramic braces are comparatively less durable but can be used for severe misalignments. Invisalign braces are best for mild to moderate misalignments.
  4. Dietary restrictions: Invisalign braces provide the flexibility of removing them according to need, and so there is no dietary restriction. In other braces, certain food items are prohibited because they may damage the braces.
  5. Ease of use: No one likes excess bulk on their teeth; hence braces which are light and snugly fit on the teeth should be preferred.
  6. Time of treatment: Invisalign braces offers the shortest course of treatment and hence, widely used.


However, you should consult your dentist before making a decision. Your dentist will run a thorough assessment to know your teeth. After combining your demands with the anatomy of your teeth, the best braces will be decided for you.


What type of braces works the fastest?

Orthodontic treatment can last for long durations, and time is very precious. Nowadays, several braces are designed in a way to deliver quick and effective results. Invisalign braces are one of them. It procures results within a few months, and the entire process is also hassle-free. You have to wear a series of braces customised according to your teeth. These can significantly reduce the time required, and the results are almost 100%.

Some further advanced techniques use accelerated orthodontics, where other treatment modalities, like the use of cytokines, are done along with braces to enhance and stimulate the bone and shape it in the desired position.


What are the best type of braces to get for adults?

Adults are highly concerned with their cosmetics, and the impression of traditional metallic braces is sickening for them. For such concerns, clear braces are the best and the most effective resort. Clear braces can be of diverse types:

Ceramic brackets: These are similar to metallic braces in structure and function, but unlike them, these are tooth coloured and hence, provide natural restoration. 

-Invisalign braces: Invisalign braces consist of a series of aligners which are customised according to your teeth and fit snugly upon them. They are invisible and indistinguishable from the natural teeth. You have to shift from one set to the next, and gradually your teeth keep on straightening.

-Lingual braces: These are metallic braces but are worn on the inner aspect of the teeth, which makes them imperceptible from the field of vision from outside. 


Which braces are best: metal or ceramic?

Metal braces are known to be stronger and more durable as compared to other varieties of braces. Still, they are cosmetically unpleasant, and the patient often prefers aesthetically better options over them. Ceramic braces serve the same purpose as the metallic braces, and their method of correction is also identical – the only difference being in their material and colour. If you are ready to exhibit a metallic glint, then metallic braces can be chosen as they are more affordable, but if you are conscious regarding your looks and want to restore your smile in a better way, then ceramic braces can serve your purpose well.


Which type of braces is the cheapest?

Traditional metallic braces are so far considered to be the most affordable braces as they are simple and don’t require any complex processes.

However, your teeth and consequently, your smile plays a pivotal role in boosting your confidence, and they are the first to be noticed. So, instead of looking for a cheaper option, try to choose the one which is a good investment for your teeth.

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